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Do I need a license for my cat or dog?
Yes. Richland Municipal Code 7.03.190 states that except as provided in Section 7.03.260, no person may keep, harbor or permit to be kept any dog or cat over seven months of age unless it is licensed. Dog and cat license fees are:

  • Altered dog or cat - $10 (proof required at time of licensing)

  • Unaltered dog or cat - $45

  • Show dog or cat - $10

  • Indigency license for dog or cat - $1

  • Commercial Kennel License - $50

  • Wild, dangerous or potentially dangerous animal permit - $250

Residents 65 years of age or older may purchase an indigency license where the applicant is the head of a household, files an affidavit of indigency with the finance manager, and owns only one dog or cat.

Only one senior citizen license discount allowed per household.

A no-charge license is provided for guide dogs with proof of certification. All licenses must be renewed annually.License information

Animal Control

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1. Do I need a license for my cat or dog?
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