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Residential Yard Waste
Mark Chidester
Solid Waste Collection Supervisor

Lynne Follett
Support Specialist

3102 Twin Bridges Rd
P.O. Box 190 MS-28
Richland, WA  99352

Ph: (509) 942-7700
Fx: (509) 967-3877

Monday - Friday
7:00 am - 3:30 pm

Yard waste is collected separately from garbage, every other week on your normal collection day. Each year collection begins the first full week of March and ends the last week of October. Containers need to be placed at the curb on the regular collection day by 7am for service. 
Additional containers are available for an extra $2.00 per month, with a one year commitment.  Request on-line or by calling 942-7700.

2015 Collection Schedule

Yard waste is composted at the Horn Rapids Landfill. Watch an informational video and see the brochure that details the benefits of using compost and where to purchase it. 

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Reminders for using your yard waste container
  • Place only loose grass, leaves, plant trimmings, garden debris like inedible fruits and vegetables, non-treated wood and branches less than 12" in diameter in container.
  • DO NOT place dirt, rocks, treated or glued wood, animal waste, meat or processed food, or any other garbage in the container.
  • DO NOT bag yard waste. Plastic bags do not break down and retrieving plastic bags from the composting process is labor intensive and expensive.
  • Garbage is not allowed in the yard waste container. Repeat offenders are charged a garbage disposal fee of $8.15.
  • If the container is too heavy or compacted with too much yard debris the truck cannot empty the container. Follow the weight guidelines on the container. If the container cannot be emptied due to weight, material will have to be removed and a call back fee will be charged to dispatch a truck back.
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dsxSjdlR_JI for more information about green can use.

What to do with extra yard waste
  • Subscribe to an additional yard waste container for $2/month.
  • Use mulching lawn mower to reduce yard waste.
  • Compost at home.
  • Bring the extra yard waste to the Horn Rapids Landfill for free (Richland residents, clean yard debris only).

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