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The Richland Business Portal provides a bevy of information you may need to Plan, Start, Operate, or Grow your business. The resources provided on this page are designed to allow you to explore the most relevant topics related to your phase in startup and/or ongoing business development.

Economic development is a team effort, therefore, you will find links on this site to other private and public entities locally, statewide, and across the nation.

Plan a business
Find information related to writing a business plan, how to structure your legal business entity, secure financing, and local organizations that can assist in the process.

Start a business
Find a location, research the zoning designation and requirements, identify local/state/national licensing and permitting requirements.

Operate a business
You're open or about to be open for the first time; find information related to utility billing, solid waste and recycling, and employer resources.

Grow a business
You want to open another location, expand your footprint, or open a new location in Richland. Find available property and buildings, marketing resources, and what you need to do to move forward.