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The City maintains listings for city-owned retail, commercial, manufacturing, and industrial sites; the City collaborates to list these sites on a building, property, and demographic tool hosted by the Tri-City Development Council (TRIDEC). In addition to city owned properties, interested parties are able to both search for and submit their own property listings through TRIDEC's site selection and analysis tool.

Visit www.TryTriCitiesSites.com to search available buildings, property, and community demographics.

City owned property

The City of Richland owns multiple parcels within Richland municipal limits that are for sale, for lease, or otherwise available for development. Please contact the Business and Economic Development Office for a current and complete list of available property suitable for manufacturing, industrial, retail, and restaurant uses. All property sales are subject to City Council review and approval.

  • Retail / Restaurant / Mixed Use:  The City owns two adjacent parcels in the Columbia Point development, Tracts D & E, which would be suitable for ground floor restaurant/retail uses and upper story residential development. This land was offered by RFP several years ago and includes an applicable site plan strategy and recommendations for future uses. While the RFP is currently non-binding for a potential sale/lease, the document represents a wide variety of uses entertained by the City in potential surplus or lease of the site.
  • Manufacturing / Industrial:  The City owns several parcels of land along Highway 240 and on the interior of the Horn Rapids Business and Industrial Park.

For further inquiry:

Questions about the sites listed or other information related to purchasing, leasing, or developing city-owned property should be directed to Darin Arrasmith.