Downtown BID

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Downtown (Parkway) Business Improvement District

The Downtown (Parkway) Business Improvement District (DBID) was established by the City of Richland Ordinance 03-07, on February 6th, 2007. To view of a map of the Downtown BID click here.

Programs Initiated or Supported by the Downtown BID

In general, the Downtown BID outlined in its original ordinance the opportunity to utilize funding for holiday lighting, maintenance, landscaping, promotion, and administration. The resultant programs that have taken place in the Downtown/Parkway in cooperation or at the direction of the BID include:

  • Market at the Parkway
  • Pedestrian area refuse collection
  • Holiday tree lighting
  • Trick or Treat at the Parkway
  • Flower potting surrounding the Parkway
  • Upgrading common electrical outlets