If you are a business with a physical presence in Richland or plan to conduct business within Richland city limits, you will need to register your business with the City and State. The City of Richland and State of Washington Department of Revenue Business Licensing Service are involved in a combined licensing one-stop system that allows you to obtain State and City licenses at the same time. You will receive a master license from the State, showing both your City and State business licenses.

Register Your Business with the City and State

File your application and addendum online using your MasterCard, Visa or American Express credit card. Applications are usually processed within 48 hours.

Complete and print the Master Application and the Richland Addendum. The fee for your Richland license is $40, which includes the fee cost for two full-time equivalent workers (whether owners or employees), plus $12 for each additional full-time equivalent employee. You can find additional information in the requirements and fee calculation instructions.

You can mail them with the appropriate fee (check or money order made payable to the Washington State Treasurer) to the State of Washington.

You will receive your master licenses with the City of Richland endorsement four to six weeks after you submit your completed application and appropriate payment. 

Special Business Licenses

Special business licenses are issued in Richland for Taxicab or Transportation Network Companies (TNC). The purpose of this license is for a taxicab company or TNC having one or more drivers who transport any passenger or item of property for compensation from any point within the corporate limits of the City of Richland. In addition, the licensing requirements of Chapter 5.04 RMC shall apply to any such taxicab or transportation network company.

Note: This is not required for independent TNC contractors and drivers. However, all TNC drivers or independent contractors operating in Richland must complete a City of Richland Business License application through the Department of Revenue as indicated above (Register Your Business with the City and State).

Each special business license application must include:

Temporary Business Licenses

Temporary business licenses are issued in Richland for temporary activities such as trade shows, promotional events, itinerant merchants and solicitors.

Temporary Business License Application

Solicitor and canvasser’s licenses are issued to individuals for a period of 30 days at a cost of $10.00 or for a period of 90 days for a cost of $30.00.  Licenses must be carried at all times by each solicitor/canvasser for whom the license is issued while soliciting or canvassing in the City of Richland. For additional information on solicitor and canvasing licenses please reference RMC 05.12.

Solicitor and Canvasser's License Application

Completed applications can be mailed, e-mailed, or faxed to Customer Service. A vendor list must be included for all applicable events.  Applications must be received by Customer Service at least 7 business days prior to the event start date.


Vehicle Based Food Service (Mobile Food Vendors)

Vehicle Based Food Service Vendors (Mobile Food Vendors) who plan to move from one location to another must obtain a business license for both the State and City through the State of Washington Department of Revenue. Vendors who plan to be stationary and operate for a long period of time in a parking lot or City property are considered an "itinerant merchant" and can complete a Temporary Business License application.

The following items are required prior to business license approval:

  • Valid Benton-Franklin Health District Permit
  • City of Richland Fire Department Inspection Approval
  •  Approval From entity that owns the underlying land where operating:
    • City of Richland Parks and Facilities Contract/Approval (If operating on City property)
    • Permit, written agreement, or contract from property owner (If operating on private property)

Businesses who plan to cook in their food vehicle or use any type of propane or gas will need our City of Richland Fire Department  to complete an inspection of your vehicle and approval must be received from our Fire Department before we can complete the approval process of your application.  If  your vehicle requires inspection from our Fire Department, please contact (509)942-7718 at your earliest convenience to schedule an inspection. 

Businesses operating on City property, must obtain approval through Parks and Facilities. Please contact (509)942-7463 to begin the Parks and Facilities approval Process.


Zoning and Land Use in general

As you are identifying a location you will want to pay attention to what zoning district it is located within. Zoning Districts define the underlying allowable use of a property or building, and determine the allowances created for new construction and modification of existing structures appropriate to the surrounding area. Zoning Districts are typically made across an entire property parcel and set allowances for all structures on that property, but in some cases a parcel may be subject to multiple zoning or overlay requirements.

Use this map to identify the zoning district of the property you'd like to locate on.



For additional information, please choose the link below that refers to our Municipal Code on these areas: