Duties of Development Services

The principle functions of Development Services include:

  • Develop, maintain, and implement the Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Code;
  • Develop planning policies and regulations that comply with the State of Washington’s Growth Management Act, and promote the general health, safety, and quality of living for Richland’s residents and neighborhoods;
  • Review development projects for consistency and conformity with the Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Code;
  • Develop subarea plans, consistent with the Comprehensive Plan, that provide more specific guidance for the development of defined areas of the city; and
  • Serve as an information center to assist citizens in understanding and applying the policies and regulations of the Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Code to their property or development project.

Development Services is administered in a manner designed to fulfill the objectives of the Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Code, provide applicants with efficient permit processing services, and provide citizens appropriate opportunities to participate in land use decisions. 

The City Charter states that it is the function of the Planning Commission to serve as an advisor to the City Council in order to promote the orderly physical development and growth of the city. The City of Richland’s Development Services provides staff assistance and serves as liaison between the Planning Commission and other boards and commissions serving the city; and also serves to facilitate communication by the Planning Commission and the City Council.