Central Richland

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Address: 50 Comstock St
Traum Ventures, LLC
Apex Build & Remodel, LLC 
Remodel of lobby, breakfast room

Address: 1045 Jadwin Ave
Tri-Rivers Construction Services
Medical Office


Address:  1125 Aaron Dr
Owner:  Zenitram Properties IV LLC
Contractor: MH Construction Inc
Description: Car Dealership Building

Address: 1080 George Washington Way
Owner: Richland Riverview, LLC
Contractor: O'Brien Construction
Description: Retail shell bldg.


Address: 1100 Jadwin Ave
Owner: Boost Builds, LLC
Contractor: Booth & Sons Construction, Inc.
Description: Pedestrian bridge replacement


Address:1682 Jadwin Ave
Owner: CP Apartments, LLC
Contractor: Wilshire Pacific Builders, LLC
Description: Accessibility upgrades in apartment complex

Address: 888 Swift Blvd
Owner:  Kadlec Medical Center
Contractor: Bouten Construction Co
Description: Remodel


Address: 79 Aaron Dr
Owner: Petbo Properties
Contractor: O'Brien Construction
Description: Add Office

Address: 1270 Lee Blvd
Owner: Kadlec Medical Center
Contractor: Sletten Construction Co
Description: Remodel for medical office


Address: 1711 George Washington Way
Owner: WRP Washington Plaza, LLC
Contractor: W McKay Construction
Description: Change of use to Gym

Address: 1515 George Washington Way
Owner: Richland Investments Group LLC
Contractor: Richland Investments Group LLC
Description: Window replacement/add elevator


Address: 607 Aaron 
Owner: Earthly Enterprises
Contractor: Phil Thompson Construction 
Description: Remodel cashiering area and 2nd floor office

Address: 1100 Jadwin Ave
Owner: Boost Builds, LLC
Contractor: Chervenell Construction Co.
Description: Remodel common tenant spaces on each 5 floors


Address: 1010 Knight St
Owner: Ben Franklin Transit
Contractor: Elite Const & Dvlpmnt LLC 
Description: Bus transfer station upgrades
Address: 1107 Stevens Dr
Owner: Corp of Catholic Bishop of Yakima
Contractor: Siefken & Sons Construction, Inc.
Description: Montessori Pre-School

Address: 610, 620, 650 George Washington Way
Owner: 650 GWW LLC
Contractor: Fowler General Construction, Inc
Description: Apartments w/retail area, two retail buildings


Address: 702 The Parkway
Owner: Prospere Ventures, LLC
Contractor: Booth & Sons Construction, Inc
Description: Construct shell only commercial bldg


Address: 1908 George Washington Way
Contractor: CL Enterprises, GC Inc
Description: Remodel office
Address: 802 George Washington Way
Owner: Hanford House Hospitality, LLC
Contractor: Fowler General Construction, Inc.
Description: Remodel exstg Red Lion into Holiday Inn

Address: 404 Bradley Blvd Ste 106
Owner: Vandervert Development & Hotels
Contractor: Western Equipment Sales, LLC
Description: Add outdoor seating area


Address: 431 Wellsian Way
Owner: Drywall Interiors
Contractor: The Cabinet Shop NW, LLC
Description: Remodel tenant space for cabinet shop 

Address: 502 Stevens Dr
Owner: DGR Grant Construction
Contractor: DGR Grant Construction
Description: Construct office building/ storage building


Address: 504 Wilson St
Owner: Richland School District
Contractor: G2 Commercial Construction, Inc.
Description: Interior remodel 


Address: 591 Stevens Dr
Owner: Grigsby Properties
Contractor: Grigsby Properties
Description: completion of shell for commercial kitchen 
Address: 601 Williams Blvd
Owner: Hapo Community Credit Union
Contractor: Hapo Community Credit Union
Description: Remodel 4th floor