South Richland

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Address: 1363 Columbia Park Trl Ste 101
Contractor: W McKay Construction LLC
Description: Completion of shell - office 


Address: 9025 Center Parkway
Owner: Bush Trustees
Contractor: Baker Construction & Development, Inc
Description: Coffee Shop

Address: 1370 Tapteal Dr
Owner: West 77 VP, LLC
Contractor: Chervenell Construction Co.
Description: Hotel, Woodspring Suites


Address: 150 Gage Blvd
Owner: Columbia Community Church
Contractor: Vandervert Construction, Inc.
Description: Addition and remodel of church 

Address: 2375 Jericho Rd
Owner: JLW Asset Management, LLC
Contractor: Aura Homes
Description: Construct self storage buildings 


Address: 1295 Fowler St
Owner: Famila Smith, LLC
Contractor: W McKay Construction, LLC
Description: Multi-Tenant professional & medical office
Address: 2555 Bella Coola Ln
Owner: Copper Mountain Apartments, LLC
Contractor: Inland Washington, LLC
Description: Apartment Complex

Address: 1653 Fowler St
Owner: Richland State Professional Building
Contractor: WCE General Contractors
Description: Remodel to create Escape Room facility


Address: 969 Gage Blvd
Owner: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
Contractor: Parkway C & A LP
Description: Remodel

Address: 1435 Carolina Ave
Owner: BEEJS Properties, LLC
Contractor: Cuevas Construction
Description: Fourplex


Address: 2222 Keene Rd
Owner: Washington Securities & Investment Co, Inc.
Contractor: LCR Construction
Description: Construct restaurant


Address: 51 Gage Blvd
Owner: GESA Credit Union
Contractor: GESA Credit Union
Description: Interior remodel of office space

Address: 1552 Georgia Ave
Owner: Cliff Thorn Construction
Contractor: Cliff Thorn Construction
Description: Convert SFD to office 

Address: 5151 Trowbridge Blvd
Owner: AJSA LLC 2
Contractor: Rapid Service Inc
Description:  Gas station


Address: 1661 Fowler St
Owner: Richland State Professional Building
Contractor: Childers Contracting Services
Description: Install window


Address: 257 Jackrabbit Ln
Owner: Matson Development, LLC
Contractor: Wesco Construction Division
Description: SCC North America

Address: 3100 Duportail St
Owner: Yakima Federal Savings & Loan Association
Contractor: Banlin Construction, LLC
Description: Construct financial institution


Address: 2901 Queensgate Dr
Owner: First Richland LP
Contractor: O'Brien Construction
Description: Grocery Outlet

Address: 770 Gage Blvd
Owner: Phntus Richland Gardens, LLC
Contractor: Perfect Match Drywall
Description: Detached Gazeo

Address: 844 Tulip
Owner: Tagaris Winery 
Contractor: Apollo
Description: Foundation for wine storage tanks