Richland City Hall is closed to the public until further notice. Residents can place utility payments in the drop box located on the southwest side of the building. Payments and requests for service can also be made on-line, by emailing or by calling (509) 942-1104.

Building department and planning applications, including plan submittals, will be accepted electronically. Contact 509-942-7794 or for more information. 

South Richland

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Address: 249 Jackrabbit Ln
Owner: Matson Development, LLC
Contractor: Hummel Const & Development, LLC
Description: New Commercial Building, office/storage

Address: 1776 Fowler St
Owner: Almost Doctors LLC
Contractor: Tri-County Mgmt Services LLC
Description: Remodel office


Address: 1370 Tapteal Dr
Owner: West 77 VP, LLC
Contractor: Chervenell Construction Co.
Description: Hotel, Woodspring Suites


Address: 191 Reata Rd
Owner: Desert Star Investments, LLC
Contractor: CRF Metal Works, LLC
Description: Construct office/storage building

Address: 560 Gage Blvd
Owner: Kadlec Medical Center
Contractor: Bouten Construction Co
Description: Remodel offices


Address: 1295 Fowler St
Owner: Famila Smith, LLC
Contractor: W McKay Construction, LLC
Description: Multi-Tenant professional & medical office
Address: 263 Jackrabbit Ln
Owner: Matson Developmetn, LLC
Contractor: Hummel Construction
Description: New commercial building, office/storage

Address: 2500 Jericho Rd
Owner: Richland Church of the Nazarene
Contractor: Richland Church of the Nazarene
Description: Convert storage to room to coffee shop


Address: 2602 N Columbia Center Blvd
Owner: BWR Holdings LLP
Contractor: Apollo Inc.
Description: Change from Gym to office


Address: 1445 Spaulding Ave
Owner: Hope & Health, Inc
Contractor: MH Construction, Inc
Description: Remodel medical office

Address: 1491 Tapteal Dr
Owner: Jameson & Luke Holding, LLC
Contractor: Lapierre Enterprises, Inc
Description: Convert restaurant to office


Address: 844 Tulip Ln
Owner: Tagaris Winery
Contractor: Apollo Sheet Metal
Description: Install tanks and catwalks
Address: 1515 Elementary St
Owner: Richland School District
Contractor: Richland School District
Description: Construct elementary school, demo existing
Address: 1953 Fowler St
Owner: Ford Group, LLC
Contractor: CRF Metal Work. LLC
Description: Create tenant separation wall in unfinished shell