Leslie Road Substation Project

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City of Richland and Benton PUD to Collocate a Substation in Leslie Road Area

What's happening in SE Richland at the intersection of Reata and Leslie Roads?  It's the Leslie Road substation--the City's first to be constructed in the past 10 years.

Richland Energy Services (RES) and Benton PUD are collaborating on the substation, which has been part of RES’ capital improvement plan since 2014 and is necessary to serve the growing load in the southeast Richland area and to provide backup reliability to neighboring RES and Benton PUD substations. The City Council at its April 5, 2016, Council meeting, authorized purchasing the land where the substation will be located in southeast Richland. Construction for the new substation will begin in January 2017, and the substation will begin serving customers in December 2017.

Here is detailed project information:

Additional questions about this project can be directed to:

 Sandi Edgemon, Business Services Manager  509.942.7613   sedgemon@ci.richland.wa.us 
 Kelly Hill, Electrical Distribution Engineer  509.942.7416   khill@ci.richland.wa.us