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City of Richland Energy Services

2016 & 2018 Electric Rates

Electric Bill Calculator


The Electric Bill Calculator is for the City of Richland customers use to compare their bills using 2016 & 2018 rates, (effective January 1, 2018).

Note: The calculator uses customer historical data to estimate bills using the new rates. Actual future bills will differ from the estimate due to changes in customer energy use and number of days in the billing cycle.

The calculator automatically populates with customer historical data.

For questions about the calculator, please contact Elena Manzo at or 942-7401


1.  Click here to open the excel document (please be patient as this is a large file and may take a while to load)

2.  Enter the account number in the cell below the text "account number". Your account number is located on your bill or in            eCARE as shown below. Note:Data can currently be pulled from 2016 to the current billing cycle. 

Top of utility bill

 Top of ecare

3.  In the year section, select which year to best be used as the comparison year. Clicking on the number will prompt the                  option for the years available for selection.

4.  The type of class service is associated with the account number and will display on the left hand corner by the City of                  Richland logo.

5.  All data will be automatically populated in the month and /or the kWh fields. 

To do a custom analysis simply enter your kWh usage in the "custom" field to the left of the calculator cells D 10-21 for all months of the year and the analysis will calculate on the bottom "rate comparison graph".