Richland City Hall is closed to the public until further notice. Residents can place utility payments in the drop box located on the southwest side of the building. Payments and requests for service can also be made on-line, by emailing or by calling (509) 942-1104.

Building department and planning applications, including plan submittals, will be accepted electronically. Contact 509-942-7794 or for more information. 

Street Lights

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Online Reporting System for Street Light Issues

We appreciate the community's assistance in notifying the City when there are street light issues. Now anyone can identify and report street light issues online at any time. The Street Light Issue Reporting System helps identify street lights that are not operating correctly, so crews can get them back in service quickly. This improves community safety especially at crosswalks and intersections. 

Reporting is quick and easy on the web form below. If you are using a cell phone or tablet to report an issue, click here for easy access to the mobile app.

Once a request has been submitted, a light bulb will show on the map indicating the issue. Click here to view all current  and completed issues before submitting a new report. Check back later to see if the repair has been completed. If it has, the light bulb at that location on the map will display a white flag inside a green circle for seven days after the issue has been completed.

Power Operations makes every effort to address each issue in a timely manner. However, when dusk occurs early in the evening during fall and winter months, it becomes easier to identify street light issues and with that comes in increase in the number of street light issues. Please allow 2-3 weeks to repair street lights. Our electrical crews are working fervently to repair them once a notification is received. Thank you for working with us to keep the lights on.