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Under the direction of Fire Chief Tom Huntington, the RF&ES administration team provides day to day business support to the operations division and community. Responsibilities include activities such as billing, data validation and analytics, inventory, vehicle maintenance tracking, and logistics. 


Station tours last approximately 30 minutes and include a review of the fire engine, ambulance, and equipment, as well as interacting with firefighters about their job while learning important fire safety tips. These tours are typically geared towards preschool and school aged children, but are also available to the community. Tour groups must be parties of 25 or less. If the group is larger, it will be split into smaller groups, and will require more time to complete. Station tours are available to the public, and are available Monday - Friday, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m., with special requests considered on a case by case basis. 

NOTE: The fire station will remain "in-service" during the scheduled tour. Fire crews may need to respond to emergencies at any time. If they do, your tour may be delayed or passed off to the administration team, until the crew returns. 


To schedule a ride-along with RF&ES, please review the requirements and request process below. 

To discuss any of the above tasks, schedule a Station Tour or Ride Along, or to ask other questions of the RF&ES department, please contact the administration team at (509) 942-7703.