Richland City Hall is closed to the public until further notice. Residents can place utility payments in the drop box located on the southwest side of the building. Payments and requests for service can also be made on-line, by emailing or by calling (509) 942-1104.

Building department and planning applications, including plan submittals, will be accepted electronically. Contact 509-942-7794 or for more information. 


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An emergency is any situation that requires immediate assistance from the police, fire department or ambulance. Examples include:

  • A fire
  • A crime, especially if in progress
  • A car crash, especially if someone is injured
  • A medical emergency, especially for symptoms that require immediate medical attention

If you’re not sure whether the situation is a true emergency, we recommend calling 911 and letting the call-taker determine whether you need emergency help.

When you call 911, be prepared to answer the call-taker's questions, which may include:

  • The location of the emergency, including the street address
  • The phone number you are calling from
  • The nature of the emergency
  • Details about the emergency, such as a physical description of a person who may have committed a crime, a description of any fire that may be burning, or a description of injuries or symptoms being experienced by a person having a medical emergency

Remember, the call-taker's questions are important to get the right kind of help to you quickly. Be prepared to follow any instructions the call-taker gives you. The call-taker may tell you exactly what to do until help arrives, such as providing step-by-step instructions to aid someone who is choking or needs first aid or CPR. Do no hang up until the call-taker instructs you to do so.

Please find answers to several frequently asked questions below. If you still need help, feel free to reach out to us at (509) 942-7703 for assistance. We welcome your questions and feedback. 

  • What is the non-emergency phone number?
    • For non-emergency situations, call (509) 628-0333.
  • Can I burn today?
    • Please contact the Benton Clean Air Agency at (509) 783-6198 to determine if it is an approved burn day. 
    • Frequently asked questions about outdoor burning
  • How much clearance should there be around a fire hydrant?
    •  A 3 ft (914.4 mm) clear space shall be maintained around the circumference of fire hydrants except as otherwise required or approved. 
  • How do I dispose of an old fire extinguisher? 
  • How do I determine if my fire extinguisher is still good? 
    • Most extinguishers should work for 5 to 15 years, but you can check the label or check with the manufacturer for your model. Check the pressure gauge monthly. If the needle is in the green area of the gauge, it is good. 
  • My smoke alarm is chirping. Can I get assistance? 
    • In order to maintain emergency response capabilities during this unprecedented time, RF&ES will not be providing smoke alarm assistance. 
  • I need smoke alarms installed in my home. Can I get assistance? 
    • In order to maintain emergency response capabilities during this unprecedented time, RF&ES will not be providing smoke alarm assistance. 
  • Why do I have an ambulance bill if I pay the monthly ambulance utility? 
  • Can I schedule a ride along?
    • RF&ES no longer allows Ride-A-Longs. 
  • Can I drop off expired medications or used needles at the stations for disposal purposes? 
    • No, but you can drop off unwanted prescription medication to a collection container in the lobby of the Richland Police Department, 871 George Washington Way.
    I need my car seat inspected. Do you do that? 
    • Please contact the Safe Kids Coalition of Benton-Franklin Counties for upcoming events and scheduled inspection sites, (509) 460-4214. 
  • I have a ring stuck on my finger, and need it cut off. Can I get assistance? 
    • Yes, we have ring cutters at all of our stations. It is best to stop by station 71 (1000 George Washington Way) between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday - Friday, to get assistance from our administration office. 
  • I'd like to donate items to families after a fire/event occurs. Can I bring them to the fire station? 
    • No, we do not collect or distribute items (clothing, furniture, toys, household items, etc.) to families after fire/events occur. 
  • I need CPR / AED / FA training for work. Does the department provide this to the community? 
    • RF&ES does not provide CPR / AED / FA training to the community that will count towards employment requirements (certification or CEUs). Multiple certified providers are available in the Tri-City area and can be found conducting a Google search. 
    • RF&ES does provide a Hands-Only CPR and AED course (informational only). In as little as 30-minutes, we can provide our citizens with the most recent data and hands-on skills required to save a life during a cardiac arrest event. Please see our Heart Safe Richland page for more information.