Crime Resistant Community Living

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The Crime Resistant Community Living (CRCL) Program is sponsored by the Richland, Kennewick & Pasco police departments. The program provides free training for property owners, realtors and landlords to help provide safe, crime resistant rental communities for all residents.

Program Goals

  • Develop a partnership between the police department, property owners and residents
  • Keep drugs and other criminal activity out of residential rental property
  • Maintain the quality of our communities and neighborhoods

Program Topics

  • Applicant screening and active management
  • Graffiti and gang problems
  • Leases, rental agreements and the crime-free lease addendum
  • Warning signs of drugs and other criminal activities
  • Working with the police

The CRCL program is a one day, eight hour program and is offered twice a year, typically in April and October. Contact the program coordinator, Crime Prevention Specialist Cerise Peck at (509) 942-7636 for more information.