Duportail Bridge - Funding

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Washington State’s Connecting Washington legislation, signed by Governor Inslee in 2015, provides $20,000,000 toward the project beginning in July, 2017. As of the summer of 2017, the funding package is complete as illustrated in the table below:

Funding Source


State Connecting Washington Program


State Transportation Improvement Board


State Connecting Washington Program – SR240


Federal – various awards


City – pre-2016 investments


City –Interfund Loan




*Last Updated 9.30.19

In addition to the above funding for the roads and bridge, the City will also invest $7.25 million in water pipelines to improve the reliability and security of its water system.  Of the $7.25 million,  $1,993,000 will come from a Federal Emergency Management Agency grant and $5,259,949 will come from City Water Utility Funds.