Duportail Bridge - Schedule

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General Schedule Information 

The City began construction in March 2018 and anticipates opening the bridge to traffic in the summer of 2020.  The construction process is arranged around limited opportunities to do construction work in the Yakima River.  The limitations are imposed for fish passage reasons by federal agencies.

Duportail Bridge Groundbreaking EventBridge Groundbreaking

The Duportail Bridge Project is officially underway! 

On Wednesday, February 28, 2018, Richland residents, council members, staff and various agency representatives came together to kick off the Duportail Bridge project. Also in attendance were representatives from Apollo, Inc., the awarded contractor tasked with Connecting Richland.

Thank you to everyone who joined us in this celebration! 


July 2019 Update:

Concrete for the second of five bridge deck spans (Span 4) was poured in July as the Contractor is continuing work on the superstructure. Progress continues for remaining bridge deck spans and upper pier caps to be poured, including formwork and rebar installation, as this summer has been very busy and productive especially for Apollo’s bridge crew. Each bridge deck is supported by 10 pre-stressed concrete girders that span between piers.

Contractor has also completed both noise walls 1 & 2 along the Hills Mobile Home Park vicinity, including the application of colored sealer. Work is also progressing on concrete wall 5, the “Sun Wall”, as Apollo will be preparing formwork with architectural liners that are required. Majority of the underground utility work (water, sewer, storm, electrical) has also been completed, with 36” ductile iron waterline piping installation on the north (SR 240) side of the project happening in August.
   Duportail Bridge Deck Pour