Keene Road Stormwater Improvements

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Project Overview

The City of Richland Public Works Department is conducting improvements to the Keene Road Stormwater Conveyance System. This stormwater ditch runs on both the north and south sides, parallel to Keene Road.

Debris and excessive vegetation growth, including invasive trees and weeds, are interrupting the normal flow of stormwater. This obstruction is rising the natural water level in the ditch, which can cause dangerous flooding off Keene Road during times of heavy rain and snowmelt.

Crews are making improvements to a half-mile section of the stormwater ditch, from Englewood Drive/Westcliffe Boulevard southeast just past Elementary Street. Improvements include storm ditch excavation, removal of debris, tree overgrowth and vegetation. Grading, watermain relocation, and storm drain pipe installation are also being peformed along portions of the system.

The project will temporarily close portions of the Keene pedestrian trail throughout the duration of the project. Signage or cones will be in place during contractor operations to redirect pedestrians to the sidewalk along Keene. Vehicle traffic impacts will be minimal along Keene, however, a five-day road closure will be needed at the intersection of Keene and Kapalua Avenue. Digital signage and detour routes will be posted to notify residents.

This project was coordinated with the Department of Fish & Wildlife and is in compliance with the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. All work is expected to be completed by the end of December 2019.

Keene Stormwater Improvements