Queensgate Corridor - Project Segments

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The Queensgate Corridor has been divided into three separate segments:

1. I-182/Queensgate Drive Ramp Terminal Improvements

In partnership with WSDOT, a roundabout will replace the existing signalized intersection at the eastbound ramp terminals on I-182 at Queensgate Drive.  The roundabout will provide right turn slip lanes and an additional merge lane to the eastbound on-ramp with I-182. The project will provide a direct connection into the shared use pathways along I-182 and Queensgate.  The project is funded with City and Federal funds. 

This segment is being designed and constructed by WSDOT.

2. Queensgate Drive/Columbia Park Trail Improvements

This project will construct a roundabout at the Queensgate Drive/Columbia Park Trail intersection and extend Columbia Park Trail to the west, connecting to Jericho Court.  The project will also widen Queensgate Drive between Keene Road and the eastbound I-182 ramp terminals to four lanes (two lanes each direction) and will construct a new westbound right turn lane on Keene Road to Queensgate Drive.  The project will provide on-street bike lanes along Queensgate and connect into the shared use pathways along Queensgate and I-182.  The project is funded with City and Rural County Development funds.

This segment is being designed and constructed by the City. 

3. Queensgate Drive Extension

This portion of the corridor will extend Queensgate Drive south from Keene Road to connect with the existing segment of Queensgate Drive at Shockley Road.  The project will provide access to developments proposed on both sides of Queensgate Drive south of Keene Road. 

The timing of the construction of this portion of Queensgate Drive is dependent upon the developer of the adjacent property.  The roadway itself will be constructed as part of the development.