Standard Details

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 As of July 2017    
Sewer and Stormwater Details          Street Details 
 All Sewer and Stormwater Details    All Street Details
 S-01 Sewer Service Saddle Connection – Existing Main
   ST-01 Curb, Gutter & Sidewalk
 S-02 Sewer Wye Connection – New Main    ST-02 Standard Driveway
 S-03 Standard Manhole – Cast In Place    ST-03 Standard Driveway (Optional)
 S-04 Standard Manhole – Pre-cast    ST-04 Sidewalk Ramp – Type 1A & 1B
 S-05 Shallow Manhole – Cast In Place    ST-05 Sidewalk Ramp – Type 2A & 2B
 S-06 Shallow Manhole – Pre-cast    ST-06 Sidewalk Ramp – Type 3A & 3B
 S-06a Sewer Outside Drop Connection (New Manhole)    ST-07 Curb, Gutter & Sidewalk Notes
 S-07 Sewer Inside Drop Connection    ST-08 Bike & Pedestrian Path
 S-08 Manhole Frame And Cover    ST-09 Principal Arterial
 S-09 6” & 8” Sewer Cleanout Assembly    ST-10 Minor Arterial
 S-10 Sewer Service Marker Post    ST-11 Arterial Collector
 S-11 Storm Drain Catch Basin – Type 1    ST-12 Neighborhood Collector
 S-12 Storm Drain Catch Basin Frame & Cover    ST-13 Local Street
 S-13 Storm Drain Catch Basin Manhole    ST-14 Local Street (Single Frontage)
 S-14 Storm Drain Shallow Catch Basin Manhole    ST-15 Rural Street
 S-15 Aluminum Trash Grate Detail    ST-16 Local Street Right Angle Intersection
 S-16 Erosion Control Plan BMPs    ST-17 Standard Cul-de-Sac Bulb
 S-17 Storm Drain Oil/Water Separator    ST-18 Standard Offset Cul-de-Sac
 S-18 Roadside Swale/Check Dam Detail    ST-19 Temporary Turn Around
 S-19 Curb Opening Inlet Detail    ST-20 Survey Monument
 S-20 Typical Grease Interceptor    ST-21 Detectable Warning Surface
 S-20 Typical Grease Interceptor Notes    ST-22 Rural Driveway/Culvert Detail
 Water Details    Street Lighting Details
 All Water Details
   All Street Lighting Details
 W-01 1” Service Line    SL-01 Direct Buried Pole 30/40 FT
 W-02 2” Service Line    SL-02 Junction box & Mounting Base
 W-03 Water Meter Setter for 1” Meters    SL-03 Mounting Base Details Concrete Support
 W-04 Water Meter Setter for 2” Meters    SL-04 Steel Pole 30/40 FT Concrete Base         
 W-05 Commercial Water Meter    SL-05 Wiring Diagram
 W-06 2” Air & Vacuum Valve Assembly    SL-06 Pole Anchor Concrete Support
 W-08 Water Pressure Reducing Assembly    
 W-09 Water Valve Box    Solid Waste Details
 W-10 Cut-In to Existing Water Line    All Solid Waste Details
 W-11 Tap on Existing Water Line    SW-01 Solid Waste Container Pad (No Walls / Fence)
 W-12 Tracer Wire Installation (Non-metallic Mains)    SW-02a Single Solid Waste Container Enclosure
 W-13 Type 1 Blow-Off Installation    SW-02b Double Solid Waste Container Enclosure
 W-13a Type 2 Blow-Off Installation    SW-03 Container Site Specifications
 W-14 Fire Hydrant Detail    
 W-15 Bollard Posts    Irrigation Details
 W-16 Thrust Blocking Details    All Irrigation Details
 W-17 Casing Spacer    IRR-01 Irrigation Distribution Notes
 W-18 Water Service Connection-New Resident Lot    IRR-02 Irrigation Distribution Blow-Off
 W-19 Reduced Pressure Backflow Assembly Devices 2" and Smaller    IRR-03 Irrigation Distribution Valve Assembly
 W-20 Double Check Valve Assembly Devices 2" and Smaller    IRR-04 2-inch Irrigation Distribution Drain
     IRR-05 2-inch Irrigation Distribution Drain to Storm Drain
 Utility Details    IRR-06 Irrigation Distribution Service Riser
 All Utility Details
   IRR-07 Irrigation Distribution Air/Vac Connection
 U-01 Utility Plan Typical Section
 U-02 Trench Detail
   Complete Standard Details
 U-03 Groundwater Trench Detail 
   July 2017 Complete Set
 U-04 Utility Adjustments    

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