Leslie Road Improvements

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The Leslie Road Improvements Project will combine two efforts identified in the City’s Capital Improvement Plan. The anticipated Leslie Road improvements are expected to begin construction in Spring 2019.

Stormwater Improvements

This project will correct a conveyance system deficiency that contributes to flooding in the area of Leslie Road and Gage Boulevard.

The project will replace an existing pipeline that has been determined to be undersized.

Water System Improvements

The Water System Plan identified this area as a system deficiency that affects overall operations of the water system in south Richland. Converting customers to a higher pressure zone and adding / changing the piping configuration on Leslie between Hillview and Sheridan will improve overall system (especially in south Richland) reliability. This project adds approximately 600 LF of water main in Broadmoor, and 1500 LF of water main in Leslie Road. Seventy-two residential water services customers will be switched from the Tapteal 1 pressure zone to the Tapteal 2 pressure zone with this project.


April through August 2019. The contract for this effort has been awarded to C&E Trenching.


Tuesday, May 28, 2019 -

Road Construction to begin on Leslie at Broadmoor and will limit traffic on Leslie to a single lane with flagging.  Broadmoor between Greenbrook and Leslie Road will be limited to a single lane coming from Leslie (local traffic OK) with a detour down Greenbrook for westbound (toward Leslie) traffic on Broadmoor. 

Tuesday, June 11, 2019 -

Starting Tuesday, June 11, (8 am) southbound traffic will be closed between Gage and Peachtree, northbound open only, one lane.  Detour route setup east down Gage to Bellerive / Broadmoor to get back to Leslie.  This will be daily until about 4 pm with Wednesday through Friday starting at 7 am.  Signs will be setup Friday to inform commuters.  The closure is to accommodate installation of new large diameter storm drain starting just south of the Gage intersection.  Once construction if far enough south of the intersection we will have traffic controlled with flaggers.