Commercial Service Fees

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Commercial Collection Rates (Effective April 1, 2013)

With the exception of large accounts covered by special contract, the rates for commercial accounts will be at the rates indicated in the following schedules. Compacted refuse will be charged two times (double) the un-compacted rate. Commercial customers who prohibit access for scheduled container pickup shall be charged a call back charge. Examples of prohibited access include, but are not limited to, cars parked too close to a container, locked refuse enclosures, or cars blocking container enclosures.

Commercial Collection Rates Chart

*Compacted front and rear loader refuse will be charged at two times (double) the un-compacted rate.


Commercial Recycling is an optional service available upon request. The recycling container allows for a mix of recyclable materials in one container. The allowed recyclables include cardboard, plastic, newspaper, aluminum and tin. No glass is allowed in the recycling containers. Failure to use this container as described will result in an additional refuse container fee added to the utility bill. 

Commercial Recycling Rates Chart

*EOW = Every Other Week - Frequency of container service