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Shared Streets

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Shared Streets GraphicSharing the Streets with Bicyclists and Pedestrians

Bicycles are allowed on all City streets, but dedicated bike lanes are becoming the norm. Bicyclists can also use most sidewalks, as long as they yield to pedestrians. Bike routes in the city that don’t have bike lanes are often marked with a “Share the Road” bicycle sign. These signs indicate to drivers that they are likely to encounter cyclists. The markings also tell cyclists that these are preferred bicycle routes for safety. When using these roadways, cyclists should ride to the right, if safe, and allow vehicles to pass when possible. Drivers should slow down to a safe speed and pass with at least three feet of clearance. When there is more than one travel lane in the same direction, move over one lane from the cyclist for more safety, even if they are in a dedicated bike lane. This will become the law starting Jan 1st.

Located near George Washington Way and Spengler Street, you might see a new marking called a “Sharrow”. These indicate places where bicyclists are expected to take the lane for safety. Cyclists uncomfortable with riding in the travel lane can utilize the sidewalk instead at this location by using special ramps. Over time citizens will start seeing the use of “Sharrows” in select locations. When it comes to crosswalks, both drivers and pedestrians should know that legal crosswalks exist at all city intersections. When drivers see pedestrians waiting to cross, they should stop. Pedestrians need to take care and make sure all travel lanes stop, before stepping out into a lane.

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