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Firefighters' Pension Board

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  • Parkway Conference Room - No. 133 at City Hall - 625 Swift Blvd., Richland, WA 99352
  • Third Thursday of every month - 9:00 A.M.

The Firefighters' Pension Board current and past agendas, agenda packets and minutes can be found on the City's  Agendas and Minutes page. 


 Term Expiration Date

Mayor Ryan Lukson, Board Chair 

For the term of Mayor

Brandon Allen, Finance Director/Comptroller


Cathleen Koch,  Administrative Services Director/Treasurer

Kristi McClanahan, Board Secretary


Terry Thrall, Firefighter Representative

July 31, 2022

Dan Downs, Firefighter Representative

July 31,  2020

Ed Myers, Firefighter Representative, Alternate

July 31, 2022


On April 6, 1959, the City of Richland established by Ordinance No. 30 the Firemen’s Pension Board for the purpose of carrying out the duties found in Chapters 41.16 and 41.18 RCW related to municipal pension systems for career firefighters. In 1970, the Law Enforcement Officers’ and Firefighters’ (LEOFF) pension system was created to provide a statewide retirement system for law enforcement officers and firefighters. The system was established for the purpose of providing for an actuarial reserve system for the payment of death, disability, and retirement benefits to law enforcement officers and firefighters and to the beneficiaries of such employees.

The original plan, known now as LEOFF I, provides for temporary and permanent disability benefits and retirement, as well as the payment of medical expenses of its members. Generally, the plan is administered by local Disability Boards in cities and counties, as well as the Washington State Department of Retirement Systems. However, when LEOFF was created, the Washington State Legislature carved out a unique provision for first class cities like Richland. Under the law, first class cities retain existing Firefighters' Pension Boards established pursuant to RCW 41.16.020 to carry out the responsibly of approving or disapproving claims for disability by firefighters or law enforcement officers under LEOFF.

The Richland Firefighter's Pension Board is a five-member administrative board comprised of certain ex-officio members of City staff and elected retired firefighter representatives. The Board is responsible for establishing policies, reviewing disability applications and qualifying claims for medical reimbursement, and oversight of the City of Richland Firefighters’ Pension Fund. Based on the nature of the powers and duties assigned to the Richland Firefighters’ Pension Board, it often sits in a quasi-judicial capacity to determine discrete rights of specific individuals.

Additional Resources

Claim Form

Policies and Procedures

Submit completed claim form to:

Kristi McClanahan, Firefighters' Pension Board Secretary
3311 W. Clearwater Avenue, Ste D210
Kennewick, WA  99336
Office:  (509) 737-1492
Fax:  (509) 737-1494
Mobile:  (509) 308-0276