City Strategic Plan

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In July 2018, the Richland City Council adopted the next phase of the City of Richland Strategic Leadership Plan. The Strategic Leadership Plan sets forth the City’s goals, aligns work across projects and departments, and serves as a guide in developing the annual budget. It was developed with the assistance of a reputable consultant and was a collaborative effort of City Council and staff.

The City of Richland developed its first strategic plan in 2008 and has continued to build upon it. Key goals are referenced as Core Focus Areas. The 6-Core Focus Areas organize our goals as follows:

  1. Promote Financial Stability and Operational Effectiveness
  2. Manage & Maintain Infrastructure & Facilities
  3. Increase Economic Vitality
  4. Manage Our Natural Resources
  5. Maximize Community Amenities
  6. Enhance Neighborhoods & Community Safety

2018 Strategic Leadership Plan Summary

2018 Strategic Leadership Plan