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Report a Concern

  • Animal Control Issue
  • Barking Dog - For barking dogs, contact the Code Enforcement Office at (509) 942-7739, Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. After hours, call the non-emergency dispatch number, (509) 628-0333. For all other animal complaints, contact Tri-City Animal Control at (509) 545-3740.
  • Code Violation
  • Electrical Outage
  • Mosquitos
  • Noise Complaint - Noise violations are enforced by the Richland Police Department. To report a noise violation call the non-emergency police dispatch number (509) 628-0333.
  • Pothole or Street Repair - To report a pothole, you may call 942-7524. Please leave a message if someone does not answer. We will listen to the message fix the pothole as soon as we can. Or, you may submit a Service Request form.
  • Street Light Outage - Contact us with the street light address location and the H or P identification number located near the base of the pole by email, phone at (509) 942-7429, or submit a service request under Electrical, using the Street Light and Rental Light Repairs request form. We'll schedule the light pole to be repaired.