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About Richland

Richland and many adventures await you – visit today! 

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All Summer Long!

June - August Live Concerts every Thursday in John Dam Plaza at the HAPO Community Stage - Live @5

June - August Family Outdoor Movies every Friday  

June - October Market at the Parkway every Friday 9 am - 1 pm. 

This Week!


Event Location
   7/15 Magic Monday   HAPO Community Stage 
   7/16 Tuesday Morning Matinee - 11am  Christopher Robin  Richland Public Library 
   7/16  By the Book Knitting Club  - bring your project!  
    7/17  Workout Wednesday   HAPO Community Stage
    7/17  Pop-up Play Day  -   Rodney Block Park  
    7/18  Live Concert - Live @5  HAPO Community Stage
    7/18  Starry Starry Night - Paint Date Night  7pm RSVP  Richland Public Library 
    7/19  Outdoor Family Movie - How to Train your Dragon 3  HAPO Community Stage
    7/21  Urban Greenbelt Walk, 8am - 10 am  HAPO Community State 
    7/22  Magic Monday   HAPO Community Stage 
    7/24  Workout Wednesday   HAPO Community Stage
    7/24  Pop-up Play Day  
 Frankfort Park 
    7/25  Live@5 Concert  - Fall Out   HAPO Community Stage
    7/29   Magic Monday   HAPO Community Stage 
    7/31   Pop-up Play Day    Oak Park 
    8/01   Live@5 Concert  - Nate Botsford  
    8/06  National Night Out and City Fair   John Dam Plaza 


Below are websites that feature fun things to do in Richland and the Tri-Cities. 

HAPO Community Stage 
HAPO Community Stage 
HAPO Community Stage 
 7/1  Magic Monday's BEGIN
 7/1  Magic Monday's BEGIN